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Thompson Architectural Metal Roofing is proud to be a partner of the 
Energy Star® Roof Products Program

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• Residential
• Agricultural
• Architectural
• Light Commercial/Industrial
• Retrofit over existing roof
• Garages, Porches, Gazebos, Etc...

• 40 year Ceram-A-Star 1050 Painted Over Galvalume ASTM-A792
• Acrylic Coated Galvalume ASTM-A792

White-Grey-Barn Red-Forest Green-Black-Island Blue-Marine Green-Brown, more colors available

TM-Lock Ribbed                            


TM-Lock Striated                           

• 24, 26 Painted or Acrylic Coated-29 Gauge Acrylic Coated Grade 50
• Custom lengths
• Widths available in 16" Panels
• Striations & Ribs are optional                                                                                                                            • Custom Colors Available

Minimum slope requirement is 2 1/2"/12" pitch. Slopes less than 2 1/2"/12" pitch must have factory applied mastic and be pre-approved by Thompson Architectural Metals.


All flashings are to be produced in 26 Gauge material unless otherwise specified. NOTE: 24 or 29. Gauge flashing may be ordered as a special or custom flashing.

TM-Lock panel is to be installed over solid decking.

12" Coverage

16" Coverage