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TAMCO Architectural Metal Roofing Take-offs and Site Specific Engineering

We have available for our customers the benefit of BLUEPRINT Size Shop Drawings ......For Your Metal Roof Packages

Available Now!

Why try to read our competitors small document size shop drawings when you can get LARGE BLUEPRINT Size drawings with  Metal Roof Packages

Submit your project to TAMCO and our experienced staff will do an engineering take-off based upon your project specifications.


We will provide you with a computer engineered output of the roofing project in a graphical visual format so you can see what the roofing package will look like when installed. 




Blueprint Size Shop Drawings of your engineered Roof Project!


With TAMCO shop drawings you can easily see the dimensions of each panel. So when your crews are on-site installing the roofing system there is no confusion of which is the correct size of panel to use as the installation progresses.

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Do you have a current project?

Submit your specifications for an Engineered Take-off of your roof design, with BLUEPRINT SIZE Shop drawings for your projects.