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Aluminum gutters have many advantages over other gutter systems:

Aluminum is a very durable material that will not rust or corrode under normal use. 

Aluminum can be painted in a range of colors that allows for color coordination with the roofs other design requirements

Aluminum gutters are very light and therefore require no special support structures

Aluminum gutters are very friendly with a home owner's budget



Aluminum K-Style Gutter

Available in 5" OG & 6" OG       (.027 Guage)

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Available in over 6 pre-finished colors, aluminum gutters are relatively low maintenance and the amount of accessories available make it one of the easiest gutter systems to install.

Aluminum gutters are a great product. They don’t rust, are available in popular colors, and can be shaped quite easily. Aluminum rain gutters have been around for 30+ years.

Aluminum gutters also have the advantages of being lightweight and relatively easy to work with. They are weather-resistant across the board and maintain their integrity in cold climates.


Gutter Coil



Gutter Coil .027 Guage available in 11 3/4" width and 15" width.


   Antique Ivory    Bronze    Colonial Gray    Musket Brown

   Royal Brown    White

Colors shown are representative of pre-finished aluminum colors. Final color selection should be made from an actual Product Sample, available upon request.


A downspout is a pipe for conveying rain water from a roof or gutter to the ground or to a drain.

Also referred to as Leaderpipe, Downpipe, or Drainspout.

Downspout diameters are sized according to the roof area they drain.

The following is the rule of thumb used in the industry:

3x3 inch downspout for 600 sq. ft. of roof
3x4 inch downspout for 1200 sq. ft. of roof

Rectangular Downspouts

Corrugated Aluminum

3x3 Downspout - 10ft lengths 150'/carton

3x4 Downspout - 10ft lengths 100'/carton




Elbows are fittings that attach to the downspout. One end of the gutter elbow is crimped so that it can fit inside another elbow or downspout.

Elbows are used at the bottom of the downspout at ground level to direct drainage in a particular direction.

Two elbows coming from the
are used to span the length of the eave so the downspout can be directly mounted to the wall of the structure.




Rectangle "A" Elbow

An "A" style elbow refers to an elbow that, when attached to a downspout, angles the downspout frontwards and backwards.



Rectangle "B" Elbow

A "B" style elbow refers to an elbow that, when attached to a downspout, angles the downspout from right to left or from left to right (sideways).

3x3 A/B Elbows     3x4 "A" Elbows     3x4 "B" Elbow

  25per carton         15per carton         15per carton


An offset is a special-made section of downspout used to elbow the downspout over a brick ledge, porch edge or a brick band on the wall of a house.

     1 1/2" "A" Offset Elbow

         3" x 3"    &    3" x 4"

     1 1/2" "B" Offset Elbow

   3" x 4"

     2 1/2" "A" Offset Elbow

         3" x 3"     &     3" x4"

     2 1/2" "B" Offset Elbow

     3" x 4"



Offset Elbows




Drop Outlets

Outlet tubes are the gutter fittings that attach the gutter to the downspout

A hole is cut out in the bottom of the gutter in the shape of the outlet tube that you are using. The outlet tube is then placed inside the gutter with the expanded flange keeping it from falling through the cut hole. The flange of the outlet is then riveted to the gutter. The downspout slips over the outlet tube to touch the bottom of the gutter and is fastened.

Aluminum outlet tubes should be sealed with
Ruscoe seam sealant.


Gutter Guard

We offer a K-Style Mesh Gutter Guard, this old favorite is probably the easiest and fastest to install.

Each 3 foot section comes with 2 stainless steel clips that clamp on to the front bead of the gutter. Screens simply rest on roof and hinges open for easy cleaning





Downspout Bracket

Pipe Clips, and Pipe Cleats are all individual parts used to fasten the downspout to the wall.

Two (2) Pipe Clips are required for every 10 feet of downspout.

Three (3) Pipe Clips are sufficient for a straight 20 foot run.

For a 10 foot run, place (1) approximately 1 foot from the bottom and (1) one foot from the top.

For a 20 foot run, place (1) approximately one foot from the bottom, (1) in the middle and (1) one foot from the top.


Ruscoe Gutter Sealant

Ruscoe 12 to 1 Gutter Sealant is based on an aluminum fortified adhesive formula, they incorporated the protective and elastic qualities of synthetic elastomers.  This sealant does not require primers on properly prepared surfaces, can be applied at relatively low temperatures and skin over to form a protective seal.  This sealant is a nitrile, rubber based sealant.

4 oz. tubes       Packaged 12 each

Aluminum Gutter Wedges



Wedges are used where fascia boards are not vertical, but slant back under. Wedges are a triangular piece of metal that hinge over the back of gutter and lays against the fascia board allowing the gutter to hang vertical.

100 per carton

Hidden Gutter Hangers

Gutter Hangers are the brackets that give the gutter its strength and support. The type of gutter bracket and its spacing will largely determine the longevity of any gutter system.

K Style Mini Hangers are made with heavy duty aluminum.

Mill Finish              100 per carton