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Thompson Architectural Metal Roofing is proud to be a partner of the 
Energy Star® Roof Products Program

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Industry Leading Experience...

With over 30 years of industry-leading experience manufacturing metal roofing systems that have made good sense for thousands of owners of single family homes and commercial properties, we are very grateful for the opportunity to have you consider our products as well.

For the contractor committed to building the best metal roofs, TAMCO is there – offering the finest metal roof systems; coated on our own world class paint line; and certified to meet the most stringent wind uplift, fire resistance and coating quality requirements for metal roofs. TAMCO also provides one of the longest paint and material warranties for standing seam metal roofs in the southeast U.S..

TAMCO is there to support you with an in-house staff of trained technical specialists eager to answer questions and assist you in bidding contracts.

A metal roofing system is the perfect platform for the many sustainable building products such as solar energy collectors to rainwater harvesting systems. We currently offer several Energy Star and LEED compliant metal roof colors that qualify for green building status. As a result, you can build a sustainable metal roof without having to sacrifice color choices and aesthetics.

TAMCO offers two warranty programs for our metal roof packages.  We offer a 25-Year Warranty on Bare panels and a 40-Year Warranty on Painted metal roof packages.

This web site offers a number of exciting innovations and tools in our contractors section, including calculators, downloadable brochures and metal roof installation guidelines.

BLUEPRINT Size Engineered drawings for TAMCO Contractors. 

Submit your project to TAMCO and our experienced staff will do an engineering take-off based upon your project specifications.

TAMCO’s Approved Contractor Program:

Making Customers’ Homes and Your Business Look Better Than Ever !
By becoming a TAMCO Approved Contractor, you not only become qualified to install the industry’s most impressive and long-lasting, high quality Metal Roofing Systems, you also gain the substantial credibility and reputation that comes from being associated with the renowned TAMCO name.



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